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Glittermix 020 – Simon Busby

Simon’s back for mix number 20, the big 2-0, the mix following number 19 and preceding number 21. And like his previous contribution, it’s another seamless blend of great, forgotten records from the 1980s. Like an unpredictable 80s power-perm, this fantabulous mix of futuristic retro music ebbs and flows through cheerful pop to menacing synth-workouts,…

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Glittermix 019 – Danielle from Crazy P

Well this is a rare treat. Anyone loosely familiar with the summer festival circuit will be privvy to a groovy little dance outfit called Crazy P (all the other crazy letters had been taken), who popped out their 5th album on the excellent 20:20 label last year. If you’ve ever had the good fortune to…

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Glittermix 018 – Freddie Blunt

Spring is here (I think) and so is the next Glittermix, packed full of songs that remind me that it’s time to put my coat away, blow the dust off my shorts and get my white, pasty legs out. Freddie is my brother from the same mother (and father may I add), and in addition…

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Glittermix 017 – Rob Mathie

Mr Mathie here managed to worm his way into my consciousness via a rather cunning series of well-placed traps, like a sort of obsessed feral hunter, desperate to snare my attention. It wasn’t enough that he randomly ended up living with one of my oldest uni friends for a year, he then started turning up at my favourite club…

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Glittermix 016 – RUFUS&Bambi

I bumped into RUFUS&Bambi – Elena Colombi to her mum – on a night out while rearranging my feet to some electronic weirdness by the DJ booth. We were both admiring the cabling as I recall. Some chinwags ensued, and it transpired Ms Bambi had been to one of our first parties. “Questa è una…

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Glittermix 015 – Marcus & Simon

Well deck my halls! To pre-empt tomorrow’s festive flue delivery – and because you’ve been delightfully naughty this year – Santa Simon and his merry elf, Marcus (in that order – I’m the one writing this after all), have put together a jolly selection of alternative Christmas choons. There’s the odd flirt with tradition – how could we…

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Glittermix 014 – Andy Blake

When he’s not picking off snipers and attacking dugouts armed only with a cudgel, Andy Blake is a connoisseur of fine electronic delights and acidic treats. The follicularly gifted man behind the sadly defunct Dissident label, nowadays Andy applies his Samson-like gift to running the ludicrously fun World Unknown night and his latest start-up Cave…

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Glittermix 013 – Simon Busby

Dust off those shoulder pads and don some eyeliner, because Simon has transformed into some kind of twisted New-Romantic robot and put together a brilliant mix of obscure 80s beat records. He’s been crate digging for a while to prepare and even peppered it with a few exclusive re-edits. No wave, new wave, cold wave,…

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Glittermix 012 – Marcus Blunt

Typically, the sun decided not to coincide with me posting this ‘ere new mix from Marcus “Ray of Light” Blunt, which would have been somewhat more ideal than the current drizzlefest outside my window. Fear not though – listening to this mix is the equivalent of adopting a small star cluster. Great for you, but…

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