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Glitterball XIV: Dystopian Dreamz

In the year 2187, Earth is laid waste by the itchy trigger fingers of nuclear-armed cyber powers. Skyscrapers have been reduced to rubble and humanity lives beneath the streets in tunnels forged decades ago during the dubstep disaster of 2052. A small but powerful resistance of sparkly dance cyborgs – a deadly combination of electronics, flesh and funk – have made it their mission to bring humanity back from the brink of extinction, one Jack-step at a time.

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Glitterball XIII: Speaksleazy

Psst. Hey, wise guy… you lookin for a good time? just come outta the clinker? What’s that in yer pocket, a dime and a smile? Fixin’ for some good times around the joanna? We got dames, games and enough moonshine to turn you blind. Password is “Günter”.

Just read around the anachronisms ‘cos we’re heading back to the glamour and decadence of prohibition-era New York.

Uncle Sam has clamped down on booze so you gotta be quick if you wanna get slick, and we’ve got just the joint for a sneaky gin or three.

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Glitterball XII: Pagan Ritual

Special guest: Gatto Fritto

10th November 2012, Bar 512, London

Glitterball XIIslit the artery of religious tomfoolery and scattered its blood over the walls ‘neath a moon of silver and dangly pentanglys of EVIL.

Stone Henge was missing a few rocks, Druid Marcus was missing a few marbles, and Gatto Fritto played a spellbinding set that unleashed heathen-like orgasms ‘pon the dancefloor.

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Glitterball XI: Big Trouble in Glitter China

Special guest: Matthew Burgess

16th June 2012, Passion, London

Glitterball XI proved that it’s entirely possible to fend off an evil Chinese man-demon while doing the hustle at 124BPMs.

Jack Burton was seeing double, Lo Pan lost his hat, and Ryu flew in fresh from a Street Fighter tournament to provide a PERFECT on the decks.

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Glitterball X: Welcome to Glam Rock!

Residents Special

10th March 2011, Passion, London

Glitterball X showed that, despite Gary Glitter’s best efforts to ruin everything for everyone, the spirit of glam rock lives on.

Simon resembled a transvestite, Marcus resembled John Virgo, and everyone danced ’til their spandex melted off.

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Glitterball IX: ‘Nam Baby!

Special guest: Andy Blake

15th October 2011, Kensal Green, London

‘Nam. Glitterball IX. All hell breaks loose: guns, acid, ping pongs.

Andy Blake detonated dance floor H-bombs, Colonel Kurtz stayed consigned to his k-hole, and the sexy cavalry came to town armed with massive weapons.

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Glitterball VIII: Hawaii 8-0

Special guest: Rob J

28th May 2011, Kensal Green, London

Glitterball VIII proved that you can continue to function all limbs despite the presence of sand in hidden away places.

Rob J made a tubular journey down from Birmingham to issue SPF 50 musical treats from the Glitterball Surf Shack, Urban Outfitters came to scout for new shirt ideas, and Helen the in-house hula lady hid hardened nipples beneath a shell beset bra.

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Glitterball VII: Seventh Heaven

Residents Special

5th February 2011, Nomad, London

If I could pick one word to sum up Glitterball VII it would be FLESH. (That or BALLOONS).

Marcus’ oestrogen supplemented diet gave rise to some hideously aged breasts, Rhalou corralled some escaped bunnies from the Playboy mansion, and post-party UV lighting revealed suspicious ghost-like ectoplasm adorning the entire dancefloor…

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Glitterball VI: The Styx Sense

Special guest: Kelvin Andrews

9th October 2010, The Resistance Gallery, London

Glitterball VI‘s resident houngans conjured up powerful black magic that bewitched indigenous tribe felk into hedonistic submission.

Kelvin Andrews‘ neck spun round 361 degrees (beating the previously held record), several snakes got totally hissed, and Baron Samedi impressed all with mismatched trainers.

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