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Yo Yo Honey – Groove On (DJ Pierre Dub)

Feel the pump. DJ Pierre delivering a remix that is EVERYTHING A HOUSE RECORD SHOULD BE in a classic wild pitch style. Pumping bassline? Tick. Vocal about being taken? Tick. Drama? Oh yes, by the bucket load… It’s one of those rare records that somehow manages to be both soft and soulful, yet utterly nasty…

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Strategy – Dub In My System

Picked up this 7″ the other day and have been listening to it quite a bit since then so thought I’d to the honorable thing and spread the word. ZamZam Sounds is a rather fine little record label from Portland, Oregon who have just had a great run of new 7″ dub releases – a label…

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Harmony Cats – Harmony Cats Theme

This is Brazilian disco funk at it’s very best. The Harmony Cats were a Sao Paulo based female quintet who mostly did disco covers of rock songs and movie themes, and apparently were fairly successful in their native Brazil until the group disbanded in the mid-80s. Harmony Cats’ Theme is one of their earlier recordings and…

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Disclosure – Flow

Yeah so I know Disclosure are EVERYWHERE right now, but damn, they deserve to be. These youngsters are literally dripping in talent (how a pair of teenage brothers can make their shit sound this good is beyond me). For those of you who are even slower off the mark than me, these two are producing some…

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Matthew Dear – Her Fantasy

Hot new music alert!  Matthew Dear is back and on fire. Her Fantasy is the first single from his forthcoming Beams album, and it’s a totally exhilarating ride from start to finish. The video is pretty good too – a wonderfully psychedelic (and in places pretty amusing) tribute to Kenneth Anger. Whoever ‘she’ is, if this…

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Boris – Buzz-In (Optimo Remix)

Beware, this record destroys dancefloors. Boris are a drone/metal/psychedelic rock band from Japan. They’ve done a whole load of stuff and their style of music varies wildly – some of it great, some not so great. The original version of Buzz-In is a particularly heavy and noisy song, and doesn’t do much for me at all….

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Soft Metals – Psychic Driving

After the slew of old records we’ve been posting up, it’s time for something new (albeit old sounding… and not even that new). I’m just back from a brief trip to San Francisco (what a great city), and picked up this gem the frighteningly large Amoeba Records. Soft Metals are a duo from Portland, who…

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Mr & Mrs Dale – It’s You

This sleazy piece of hypnotic dance music is pretty hard to pidgeon hole – one part broken beat, one part acid house and two parts electro I guess.  I know nothing about the producers behind the beast, other than that it was put out on Toronto based Bigshot Records and seems to be the only thing they’ve…

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