Glitterball XI: Big Trouble in Glitter China

Glitterball XI Poster

Glitterball XI: Big Trouble in Glitter China

with Matthew Burgess

18th June 2011, Passion, London

Glitterball XI proved that it’s entirely possible to fend off an evil Chinese man-demon while doing the hustle at 124BPMs.

Jack Burton was seeing double, Lo Pan lost his hat, and Ryu flew in fresh from a Street Fighter tournament to provide a PERFECT on the decks.

And now, my beloved disciples. The moment of truth… the needle of love” – Lo Pan, seeing the DJ start the music

Would you stop rubbing your body up against mine, because I can’t concentrate when you do that” – Jack Burton


 Our photographer took these shots whilst on the run from a demon in down-town Chinatown:












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