Soft Metals – Psychic Driving

After the slew of old records we’ve been posting up, it’s time for something new (albeit old sounding… and not even that new). I’m just back from a brief trip to San Francisco (what a great city), and picked up this gem the frighteningly large Amoeba Records.

Soft Metals are a duo from Portland, who became a couple after making music together. This could explain why the whole album seems to be dripping with sexual tension – enough to give me a semi on my first few listens anyway. Their debut album is packed with ace modern synth-pop made using nothing but analogue equipment (or so they claim), which gets a double thumbs up from me.

The whole album is great, but currently the shimmering synth-laden opening track Psychic Driving is my favourite (although I’ll probably change my mind later). Listen and weep.


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