Zed – Plastic Love

Rare as a hen’s gum shield and pricier than a return ticket to Glasgow (possibly) this a real gem of a record. Even the bootleg costs upwards of £40. It’s just one of a number of superlative releases on the Italian Fuzz Dance label, which put out a number of records from owner Maurizio Dami (aka Alexander Robotnick) under his various incarnations (such as the excellent Problèmes D’Amour), often with ludicrously large inner labels and sometimes on coloured vinyl.

Incorrectly labelled “italo-disco” in the link below, it’s more akin to the sort of sparse synth-pop that makes up the recent minimal wave faux-genre. For me it’s the warm pads that kick in at around the 1:50 mark that makes this record great.

Will post up another Fuzz Dance number in the coming days. Plenty of gems to pick from…

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